About Us

As many "lost" kids do, at a very young age Mya found an unfamiliar and intriguing sense of community within the punk subculture and immersed herself in it. Sewing her own clothes since the age of twelve, she started creating garments with friends and everything was one-of-a-kind. As things progressed and began to grow, she started a brand with her own name "Mya". Soon after she received her first box of woven labels as a reconciliation gift from her father. She always knew she was going to be a designer. Mya says, "I feel so lucky. I grew up in the right atmosphere with alot of talented mentors like John Lucero of Black Label." Living and sewing in Newport Harbor, at the age of fifteen, she started selling to local retailers like Electric Chair and London Exchange. Shortly after her garments started making their way around the community she received a rude phone call from a hippy designer who had her own label called "Miya" that insisted she change the name. Not being a huge fan of the brand name anyway, and to avoid bad hippy karma, she dropped the title. For Mya's 21 birthday she decided to throw a bash in Costa Mesa at the Tiki Bar with local punk bands The Gears and The Crowd playing. Mya and her friends thought it would be cool to put "Paper Doll Productions Presents" on all the party flyers and ever since then it stuck. Started in 1993, Paper Doll Productions is now 25 years old. Back in the day, Mya met her match, a great catch, and fellow partner in crime Brian. Together they are a dynamic duo, force to be reckoned with, and great people to call friends. Their first kid, Brya Blue inspired them to start a kids clothing line. Mya and Brian noticed that there were no other "cool" kids clothing lines on the market. Lo and behold the worlds first baby bondage pants were born. Ever since then our soul existence has been supplying you, our friends, with quality clothing for dolls of all kinds.